who am i?

With fashion and beauty photography as her main areas of focus, Jamie House likes to play with and push the boundaries of portraiture.  After attaining her degree from the Savannah College of Art and design, she's conquering new frontiers in the fashion photography world. Starting her career studying under Dave Stock in the sports realm, she has since embarked on her own journey.  Since joining the Lumix Ambassador team, traveling and sharing her enthusiasm and fantastic gear with like-minded photographers has become a great perk to her job.

Now enough about me…

Fashion photography is not just about capturing pictures of perfect models; it's a collaborative effort to achieve a shared vision with other artists with the goal of creating something new and inspiring.  This isn’t just a division of photography, it’s a mindset that can be applied to any subject. While fashion and beauty photography it what I concentrate most on, I love creating with all types!