Gena and Kathleen

Nothing drives home the fact that it's been ten years since you graduated high school like two of your class mates (who happen to be best friends) being pregnant with their first child at the same time.  As soon as I found out about it, I knew I had to reach out to these two lovely ladies.  

Somewhere around the same time, I learned about this absolutely amazing shooting space called the Lumen Room.  It's a studio apartment in downtown Dallas that's been painted entirely white and is used only for photography/film purposes.  

So when you have two pregnant best friends, a beautiful natural light shooting space, and a very talented makeup artist named Gracious Harpole, magical things happen...

I mean, how lovely are these two?!?!?  They haven't changed at all since high school (other than the whole pregnant thing - that one's new)

Another great thing about the Lumen Room, was that we were able to shoot in July, and nobody melted, which is a rarity for a shoot during that time of year. 

Guess who is having a boy and who is having a girl!

To make this day even better, I brought along my best friend since 2nd grade to help out with the shoot.  She's since been promoted to Chief Wind Maker...

Shanna created the perfect amount of wind to recreate the enviable Beyonce performance fan look. 

A lovely little gust from Shanna

Catching up with Gena and Kathleen throughout the shoot was a blast.  It's nice to know that some people are just as great as you remember them to be.   They also both teach in public schools in the area - it's like they're Super Best Friends!!

I just love how happy Kathleen looks, here.

Gena having a quiet moment with her little one.

Gena having a quiet moment with her little one.

It was a fantastic day all around!  And because I couldn't help myself - I made a video...