Studio Day with Annie and Co.

After going to California, Kerrville, New York, Philadelphia, and then to New Braunfels all in a month and a half (more on that later) I finally have a few moments to catch everyone up on a few things!  This particular post is going to cover one of the most fun days I've had photographically - like - ever.  In October, I had the pleasure of taking senior portraits of Annie Wood, the younger sister of one of my oldest friends.  I loved working with her so much that I asked her to gather a few of her friends and bring them into the studio for a fun Play Day!  I gotta say, it was the best time.  

One of my favorite shots from the initial session with Annie in October.

One of my favorite shots from the initial session with Annie in October.

I picked up some macaroons and coffee from Cafebene on the way into the Studio while working out a couple of lighting setups in my head - I was ready to roll.  And then these girls😂😂!!  They must have brought their whole closets!  It was amazing.



They brought it.

But first!  Cap and Gown photos!  I wanted to do something other than the typical cap and gown photo, so I had them bring in sun glasses and we had a blast with the first set up!

Then we took a more casual approach, and they got dressed in some of their favorite outfits as they had so many to choose from.

Next, I wanted to get some lights gelled!  I had already used them a bit in the setup with the cap and gowns, but I wasn't satisfied.

Now at this point in the day, we were all losing steam, and fast - so I had only one setup left for them and... it may have been my favorite.  You just can't beat soft, moody lighting.

Much thanks to these ladies!!  They made my job so very easy🙌.  It was a blast.