Prom: Ten years later.

Senior year of High School was a complete blur, so I don't remember much about prom ten years ago.  I remember finding my dress in a store somewhere in Beverly Hills while on a Girl's Trip with my mom.  I didn't buy it then - I found it back home and it was $100 dollars off (aka Fate).  I know Shanna, Chelsea and I got our hair done by one of my favorite people, Massoud Safi.  And I know I that there was a chocolate fountain🍫🍫.  And I thought my shoes were breaking up my feet. 

Ironically, Sarah's family's backyard was where we took pictures ten years ago.  What little I do remember all came rushing back yesterday when I was helping Sarah get ready for Prom and taking her and her group of friend's pictures.  What a highly energetic and fun group of theater kids😂😂!

Each person in this group is so charismatic, and last night they all looked like a million bucks!  I hope everyone had fun and that you'll remember the friends you went with and the chocolate fountain!!